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Chamber Capacity : 200 liters to 24,000 liters
Temperature Range : 0° C to 80° C
Accuracy : +/-0.5° C
Gradient Temperature : +/- 1° C.
Humidity Range : 20 % RH to 98% RH with
Accuracy : 2% RH
Gradient of Humidity : +/- 3%
Design : Our policy of continual liaison with leading researchers ensures we maintain our premier position as suppliers of high quality seed growth and associated facilities. A high quality components, design, and expertise enables us to offer outstanding control performance of the integrity of results of temperature, humidity, light and atmospheric testing. 
Internal Finish : Interior made of vapor tight pre – polished 16 Swg 304 grade stainless Steel with adjustable / removable shelving.
External Finish : Outer material is 16 Swg CRCA /Stainless steel with primed and phosphate epoxy based electrostatic powder coating finishing for a pleasant appearance.
Insulation : It's environmentally friendly free of asbestos and CFC guarantees the best possible insulation values and hence, the lowest possible operating costs.
Work Space Conditioning : Air circulation within the chamber is Laminar airflow provided with suitable capacity of fan motor and impeller for uniform distribution of temperature and humidity to maintain within specified limits.
Heating System : Fast responding U-shaped jacketed air heaters are used to achieve the desired positive temperature. Air heaters are placed in the conditioning plenum such that there is no direct radiation from the heaters on to the test specimen.
Water Mist Humidification System : A fine mist spray from the atomizer can be adjusted as per required amount of fog inside the chamber. This system will work through the water solenoid valve & it controls from the programmer. Independent air pressure line will be connected to the atomizer to vacuum the water from reservoir tank. The atomizer designed such a way that avoids of direct droplets & it called as micro condensation humidification system.
De-Humidification System : A refrigeration based de-Humidification system provided for control the lower relative humidity. The desired level of lower humidity will be achieved by maintaining the precise dew point temperature. The output will automatically be activated based on the set point as well as in ramp up mode after a low temperature cycle.
Refrigeration System : A high boosted low temperature application sealed/ semi sealed compressor is used to achieve and maintain the required temperatures. Non – CFC eco friendly refrigerants are used with components complying with all international safety and environmental guidelines.  The system is provided with adequate safety protection against excessive and low pressure and high pressure.  Pressure gauges provided to indicate suction and head pressure.  HP / LP cutoff switch and overload protection for the system.  Oil separators with oil return & hot gas defrost system
Door & Gasket : Robust type hinges fitted on the right hand side of the chamber with front opening single door and  leak proof double lined silicon gasket will be provided.
Light System & Intensity : The light level is 2000 lux to 10000 lux.  
Viewing Window : The multi pane window will consist 4 toughened clear glasses sealed with silicone and separated by spacers to form a completely vaccumised window.
Sensors : The HygroClip series are digital humidity-temperature probes based on the Air Chip 3000 technology or 4 to 20 mA. These probes feature a UART serial interface and two 0…1 V linear analog output signals. The probes are designed for use with the HygroClip 2 generation of ROTRONIC humidity-temperature instruments. The probes maintain all of the benefits of the original HygroClip technology such as the possibility of hot-swapping probes and feature significant improvements in the area of measurement accuracy and functionality.
Safety : Moreover, the test chamber is equipped with an adjustable safety cut – out against high and low temperatures. Low water level cut – off with alarm issued visually as well as acoustically. In addition, a potential – free contact is available. Every electrical functional circuit is equipped its own safety facility which shuts down the functional circuit affected or the entire test chamber in case of a malfunction.
Electrical Connection : 415 V AC +/- 10%, 50 Hz, 3 phase/N/PE Or 230 V AC +/- 10%, 50 Hz.
Model No Temperature Range Humidity Range Capacity Controller Type
KCS/SGC - 80   0 ° C  to  + 80° C 20% to 98% 200 Liter to 2000 Liter Microprosser PID
KCS/SGC – 50   0 ° C  to + 50° C 20% to 98% 200 Liter to 2000 Liter Microprosser PID
KCS/WSG - 80   0 ° C  to + 50° C 20% to 98% 2000 Liter to 24000 Liter Microprosser PID
KCS/WSG – 50   0 ° C  to + 50° C 20% to 98% 200 Liter to 2000 Liter Microprosser PID
KCS/WSS – 80   0 ° C  to + 80° C 20% to 98% 2000 Liter to 50000 Liter Microprosser PID
KCS/WSS – 50   0 ° C  to + 50° C 20% to 98% 2000 Liter to 50000 Liter Microprosser PID

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