Rain Test Chamber

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Chamber capacity : 500 liters to 10,000 liters
Internal Finish : Interior made of vapor tight pre – polished 16 Swg 304 grade stainless Steel with adjustable / removable shelving.
External Finish : Outer material is 16 Swg CRCA /Stainless steel with primed and phosphate epoxy based electrostatic powder coating finishing for a pleasant appearance.
Insulation : It's environmentally friendly free of asbestos and CFC guarantees the best possible insulation values and hence, the lowest possible operating costs.
Designed : A solid inner construction completely made of non – magnetic stainless steel of high grade. A tapered bottom with drain holes to drain out the water accumulated inside the chamber. Chamber are uniquely designed to perform various tests of IEC, JIS, BIS, IS,e.t.c. other than various standards also can be combined with our chamber.
Door & Gasket : Robust type hinges fitted on the right hand side of the chamber with front opening single door. Leak proof double lined silicon gasket will be provided.
Ports Holes : Even in the standard version of the equipment all sizes are equipped with two standard ports. These are located on the left or on the right side of the test chamber and can be used for inserting measurement and control cables, other supply connections or additional equipment.
Viewing Window : The multi pane window will consist 4 toughened clear glasses sealed with silicone and separated by spacers to form a completely vaccumised window.
Controller System : Control panel provided to the main chamber at the right hand side, which house the pressure gauge with all the controls, switches, fuses, contractors, and indicating lamps. All the wiring as per IS code. Channel type wiring done with suitable current rated copper wires. The instrumentation PC based system with 232 Or 485 connectivity, data logging cables distance between the central control console and the equipment approximately.
Spray Nozzle as per JSS/BIS : Rain test nozzles provided and machined JSS – 55555, to give a rain rate 4mm to 10mm per minute. Nozzles at the top three corners inclined at 45 degree and balanced four nozzles in the center of each four sides. The distance of the nozzles can be adjusted from the test specimen. Pressure gauge provided for indicating the pressure at the nozzles. Water pressure adjustment can be set from 75kpa to 200kpa. The chamber provided with a cylinder in the center with 8 sockets, which connected to the nozzles. The cylinder fed through a suitable pump to create sufficient pressure. A bypass valve provided with main valves to control the cylinder, which in turn control the pressure at the nozzle tips. All the connections are provided with compression fittings for leak – proofness.  Also a same water recirculation mechanism provided.
Spray Nozzle as per IS : Four nozzles as per IS standard are fixed at an angle of 45 degree at the top four corners of the test space and four nozzles at the center of each four sides. The nozzles are provided with a manually operated shut valve. During the operation of all nozzles the combined flow rate will be 450L/hr at static pressure of 200kpa.
Water Spray as per IEC standard: To verify the protection against vertical falling drops of water, a tank with level control shall provided with water filling facility. Also a spray shower with a flow of 10 l/min shall provide with a flexible hose, which can be directed towards the specimen.
Spray Nozzle as per JIS Standard : A nozzle shaft is fixed at an angle of 45 degree at the top enter of the panel.  It contains rain arm and spray nozzle arm and it made of stainless steel. These nozzle connected at right face angles to each other and connected to nozzle shaft. The arms can made  to rotate at a 5 to 30 RPM through variable speed.
Test Table : A motorized test table will be located at the center of the chamber with variable rotation for facilitating the direction of the water spray on all sides of the test specimen.
Electrical Connection : 415 V AC +/- 10%, 50 Hz, 3 phase/N/PE Or 230 V AC +/- 10%, 50 Hz.
Test Standards : DIN, MIL, IEC, IS 9000, BIS, JSS.
Model No Capacity Model No
KCS/RTC – 50 B 500 litres to 10000 litres BIS
KCS/RTC – 50 I 500 litres to 10000 litres IEC
KCS/RTC – 50 J 500 litres to 10000 litres JIS
KCS/RTC – 50 BIJ 1000 litres to 10000 litres BIS, IEC, JIS.
KCS/RTC – 50 BI 1000 litres to 10000 litres BIS, IEC.
KCS/RTC – 50 JI 1000 litres to 10000 litres JIS, IEC.