Frequently Asked Questions

How about installation & commissioning of the equipment?

We will depute our technical engineers to install & train the customers at your site & also you can get complete operating & maintenance manual along with technical schematic diagrams

What about warranty period & customer support after sales and service?

We shall provide one year warranty for the equipment for any manufacturing defect. On the expiry of the warranty period, we offer Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). Also, we provide support to our customers over phone as well as through e-mail as per customer’s requirement.

Is your equipment is calibrated and Certified periodically by NABL accredited laboratory?

We provide NABL certified certificate with all our equipment. Also, we arrange every year certification through NABL accredited laboratory on request from the customers.

Does your equipments are frequently required any maintenance?

Our equipments meet all the National and International Standards and it functions very smoothly, trouble free and maintenance free in all climatic conditions. To maintain the normal functions follow up operating & maintenance instructions manual contained details of procedures, trouble shooting etc.

What about your system upgradation & upcoming technologies?

All our Environmental Simulation Products are manufactured as per the requirements of the customers. Each parts and components used are of high quality, branded, imported and QC approved. However, up gradation of the system, software or any other part if needed is carried out periodically.

Does your product is comply National /International standards?

All our products are manufactured under the various National / International standards. IS/IEC, JIS, JSS, ASTM, MIL, DIN, QM333, DEF, GOST, IS9000 and as per test specification standards. We are also an ISO 9001 certified company.

Where we can see your product before placing the order?

We can arrange a live demonstration of our equipment at any of your nearby place where we have installed one, subject to prior appointment with the user. Alternatively, we can arrange the demonstration at our factory at any time.

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